Estee Lauder’s Double Wear – a kind of Review

I’m not really a review person – certainly not on here, anyway. I’ve only ever done restaurant and film reviews as part of my journalism course and had a general feeling of bore off about it when I read the feedback of “stop trying to be witty – it’s a review!” Soz.

But I strongly feel that I must talk about this foundation, as I am a recent convert to its almightiness.

I’m no beauty blogger – I have too much to talk about that isn’t beauty related, but I do like make up, and seeing as I want this little space on the internet to represent everything I’m passionate about, there may be a small section devoted to stuff like this.

I’ve always suffered with dodgy skin. If it’s not breaking out into a million spots, it’s dry and lifeless and dull.

Foundations – I’ve tried them all. Mac, Illamasqua, Clinique, Bobby Brown, Benefit, Tarte, NARS; then every single Superdrug or Boots brand going. (Dream Matte Mousse will always be a personal fave.)

Another skin-related problem I have is going purple if a temperature is slightly below warm. I’m very pale and seeing as most of the cheaper foundations in “ivory” are never really ivory, I end up with this beautiful orange shade with indigo undertones. Fit.

As for the pricier ones; Illamasqua, NARS, Clinique and Mac all had shades which matched my colour, but all didn’t work for various reasons. I found Mac’s Studio Fix Fluid and Illamasqua’s Skin Base felt quite drying and by the end of a day my skin would almost look crusty (even fitter), whereas Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting and NARS’ Sheer Glow were sliding off my face within a few hours.

Now I’m not saying this is the case for everyone, as I pointed out – my skin is dodgy and as you’re probably gathering, a bit grim too – but I do take time to prep it with a thorough skin care routine and a decent primer, and still seem to never have any luck.

I’d heard amazing things about Double Wear from various bloggers and vloggers. I’d already made my way round half the beauty stands by now in search for the foundation I would refer to as “the one”. Playing the field is ok for a while, but it can get boring.

When I went to get colour-matched, the make-up lady of course wanted to remove all my make up. In the past I’ve had an awful time with this in department stores. From the woman who thought she was a cut above because she’d perfected the Insta-Brow, wore a special belt of intimidating “tools” and said things like “you’re really red aren’t you” when she wet-wiped the shit out of my face and revealed what’s underneath, to the one who was just plain stingy with her product and only applied it to my jawline, to the lovely, ditsy one who just got it totally wrong and convinced me a shade that would only be my match if I went on the sunbeds every day for thirty years was the correct one, and because I’m a pushover I bought it, then after one wear at home thought well this is awful, tried to take it back but they wouldn’t accept it because I’d “tampered with the seal.” Yeah, I just… hate it.

But this woman was so nice. And empowering too, actually. She could tell I was obviously nervous about being seen in public without my warpaint, (I’m pathetic like that, you see), and she out-of-nowhere told me I’m beautiful. She said “I think natural redheads have the most gorgeous skin-tone,” and went on to tell me she was going to use something with red undertones, as opposed to the usual yellow ones I opt for. Admittedly, I do this to cover up as much as possible, although different make-up salespeople at other brands have agreed that this is what should be done about my skin. This lady had this kind of lets-work-with-what-you-have outlook, not a disguise-this-tomato-head-immediately one.

Originally I presumed I would colour-match with Shell – the lightest of the light. But once she made me over, using Cool Bone, it was like a little miracle looking in the mirror. No visible line of face-neck differentiation. I looked glowy. I think I looked younger? I loved it. I had to have it, I would have given her all my money. It was awesome, she was a saint, it was wonderful, it was magic.

Buuuuuut, every story has a but, she had none left. No more Cool Bone Double Wear. All gone. Sold out. Oh no, gasp horror, what do I do, where do I go, who do I turn to? This magical, miraculous make over has all turned to shit and I just don’t know where I stand in this situation!

Buuuuuut, every story has two buts, as I said; she was absolutely bloody lovely. She told me to go to Debenhams and get it from there – “I’m not bothered – you were so happy with your make over. I want you to be able to get it. We all work for the same brand, forget commission, if you want it, you go get it.” So I thanked her and off I wandered up the high street.

Debenhams – “sorry, we’re also sold out of that shade!” This woman wasn’t as helpful, she didn’t suggest I try any other shops; she was all “we’ll probably have some in the next few days – come back then.” But I knew better! I knew original lady would want me to have it, so I rushed to Harvey Nichols, or as I call it, the posh one with the bouncers in unnecessary top hats.

And finally. I got my foundation. But I will never forget the wonderful make-over lady who made me over and made my day. Thank you lady.

I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and have received quite a lot of “your skin looks nice” comments. I don’t think I’d ever heard that sentence where it’s been directed at me.

I tend to apply it over primer with a flat foundation brush, then buff (probably not the right word) it in with a Real Techniques stippling brush. It can feel like it’s still wet for a few minutes – I assume this is it setting into place – but once it’s dry it stays on all day, and all night if you want it to. It’s advertised to last 24 hours. It really does. I know this, because after a particularly boozy night out for my friend’s birthday I didn’t wash my face, because who gets in at 1am and thinks “cleanse and tone” over “order a pizza”? I woke up the next morning and it was all still there. Of course, my complexion was less than fresh and dewy, but it was still there.

The coverage is great, and if, like me, you lack confidence due to your skin, I really would recommend it. I’m not just biased because of the kind customer service I received; that could have been any person representing any make-up brand; I genuinely do feel a lot happier about my appearance since I started using it. I found my one.



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