Charity Shop Haul

I’ve been nagging Mike to come “thrifting” with me for ages. (I think that’s the American term for trawling round charity shops and it makes it sound much more glamorous, so I’m going to use it.) Thankfully, I’m a huge fan of bargains. Thankfully, because my bank balance needs me to be.

Because I’d been wanting to do it for so long, it was a big event in my books. And, we had a child-free Saturday!

See how happy I am about the whole ordeal? See Mike’s glasses? He thinks he’s a young John Lennon.

Our local charity shops have very little to offer besides moth-eaten jumpers and things that smell of death, but the trick is – go to a really posh place. Hop on a train and hover round people who turn their nose up at you for entering their town. Posh people like posh shops and posh clothes. When they get bored of them they donate them, and the charity shops sell them for a quarter of the price. It’s fucking brilliant.

We went for food first. Not really because thrifting is hard, strenuous work; but because we’re greedy.

He had some high cholesterol inducing burger (I am not bitter) and I had this superfood and chicken salad:


While we were sat down I asked him if he’d “take one of those candid photos of me, just me looking effortless, you know like normal people have.”

He took this of me chewing an olive.


Thanks Mike.

We set off for the shops. He was hoping to find old vinyls and board games to sell and make a profit from. We didn’t have much luck, but did get a vintage card game from the 1950s for a fiver (which was selling on EBay for £35)!

And then we lost it on the way home. Outstanding work, guys.

At least I managed to pick up a few gems for myself.

That’s two casual summer outfits sorted. The shorts are originally from Fat Face, the T-shirt is PINK at Victoria’s Secret and the paisley top is H&M.


I found some desert-style boots from Zara, a cord bag which will be perfect for uni books and an embellished knit from Hollister. Look at me using words like “embellished.”


Oxfam have a glass cabinet of vintage trinkets and I adore them all, but I fell in love with these the most. It might be a weird thing to be so excited about, but I can’t wait to put them on my dressing table. I’m at the stage of life now where I get excited over a new ironing board, so this is more than acceptable.

I also got this coat for £3.99, which was originally from Principles. It’s super plain and boring, but I’ve been wanting a school-run coat for a while. The ones I own aren’t waterproof, are quite dressy and just look bizarre paired with jeans and trainers; so I needed something basic to throw on in a morning.

It’s also almost identical to the coat I wore when I was a 14 year old trouble maker. Maybe that’s why I like it.


It was such a fun, cheap little day out/date – it definitely needed celebrating by cancelling out all the goodness of my salad.




  1. Funny, I always thought ‘charity shop’ sounded way cooler than ‘thrift store.’ Depends on where you’re standing I guess. I love them here (U.S.) but always try to seek them out when on vacay overseas. then when summer is like oh my gosh I love your sweater where did you get it I can be like you know at a charity shop in Scotland or whatever and then I feel so fancy. 🙃

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