No Carbs Before Scarbs

We’ve just got back from our little annual trip to Scarborough. Every year my parents take my niece and nephews and we tag along and every year I say “no carbs before Scarbs” and think I’m absolutely bloody hilarious for it. This year I put the motto in practice.

Before we went I’d been following Lean in 15 and managed to lose half a stone. Considering I’d only been doing it for three weeks, I’d say I was smashing it. However, I’m one of those unfortunate buggers who pile the weight on way easier than she loses it.

I’m more than certain the half a stone is back on, although I daren’t check. It took five days. Three days holiday, and two Easter celebrations. Five days. Which makes me want to cry, which in turn makes me want to eat;
But then I look through these photos.

It took some major convincing and chocolate-bribery to get Eris aboard a pirate ship. She was freaked out by it, as she is by most new things. But as soon as it set off she stopped shouting “argh!” and started shouting “arrr!” I love her.

You’ve got to take a selfie on an open top bus. You just have to. Like where is the roof?! Blows our tiny minds. Such novelty. Such fun.


It was that kind of jumper, coat and sunglasses weather which makes you just look confused by life.

The Sea Life Centre is always a good shout when it pisses it down.

Some people turn their nose up at holidays where you don’t actually leave your country, or even your county, but we always have loads of fun. You really don’t need to spend a shit tonne for that.

Lets face it, I was never going to say no to bad food at the seaside because that would be depressing. The big grins, how much fun the kids had, making cute memories, the fact for a few days we weren’t stressed to death; worrying over a bill or trying (and failing) to work from home while Eris just never sleeps is well worth a bit of podge. You have to live.

Now we’re back to reality, I’ll be back on the HIIT sessions and good fats. If you for some bizarre reason want to follow my Leanin15 journey, I’ve set up a separate Instagram page – here.

I will miss these wholeheartedly:

Quite the change from grilled chicken and quinoa.
What even is quinoa? Does anyone know?



    • That’s exactly how I think of it! When I was a kid I absolutely adored seaside holidays and even those Haven caravan packages. Kids don’t seem to have a snobby bone in their body – you could spend 2000 or 200 on a holiday and they wouldn’t know the difference.

      Hahaha – quinoa’s so odd, but apparently it’s a “superfood” so I’ll keep going back!


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