New Home! Decorating Our Living Room

If you know me in real life, you’ll know I moved in with my lovely boyfriend and into a new house in October. I’ve been very neglectful of this blog and only tend to update when I have a huge rant to write. That’s still going to be a thing; I’ll never stop ranting, but I want to make sure I blog about the stuff that makes me happy too.

I personally love looking at other people’s home photos, I guess because I’m a bit of a nosey cow.  Seeing as our living room’s just undergone some major changes, I thought I’d share our own before and afters.

Living Room Before:


The yellow ceiling, brown skirting boards, purple curtains and mustard wallpaper drove me mad for six months. When we finally got the landlord-phone call giving us permission to decorate, I was at it immediately. No exaggeration, as soon as I hung up I found a loose bit of paper and began angrily tearing away at it.

The Makeover Process:
We could do what we wanted within reason, but had to leave the inbuilt wooden bookcases, fireplace and picture rails alone. Our main aim was to brighten it up, so we decided to go for bright white as a main colour to contrast nicely against all the dark wood and a greyish-purple colour against the sofa wall.

Prior to this, I’d done a load of furniture upcycling – which I’ll probably do a separate post on as it’s my new favourite thing in life.

The walls underneath revealed some weirdass drawings and a note to say the room was last decorated in 1995. Cool.

That difference in colour…

Living Room After:

p5 (2)p8p9

I love how much calmer it feels when we sit down, but do want to inject some more colour into it! I’m already planning on throwing a purple knitted pouffe and a patchwork blanket somewhere in there…

If you want to see more home décor/interior type blog stuff, let me know. 🙂
If this was shit and annoying, let me know 🙂




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