Our Week

Just a short post so this stays updated!

Me and Eris are now back to normality after our week off college and school. To be able to go out and do things without worrying about an assignment that’s due in the next day, or a uniform I’m going to have to iron when I get home has been exactly what I needed.

The Deep
I took her to visit The Deep in Hull. It’s a brilliant place, aside from being busier than London in rush hour. People just love their fish I guess. She asked for a pet penguin as soon as we left.

11016526_10155181783175648_1781607972_n 11023127_10155181783270648_1881634677_n

The Sooty Show 
This was not only awesome for Eris, who laughed so much she got violent hiccups, but for me too. I love that little bear and his mates.


I also started a little cleaning job, went out with the girls from college and managed to mainly drink water, but still enjoy myself(!), started decorating my living room and writing a book. Success.


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